Heart of ACT

                                              “Community is the guiding light 
                                                behind any being, any people, 
                                          to help them achieve their life purpose.”  
                                                          Sobonfu Somé 


Aloha and welcome to this community of hearts of abundance created together by going to the broken open spaces where we bring our seeds of the abundance we are and in the sharing, the cross-fertilization, we connect deeply at the heart level where we are unstoppable! Please contribute from your heart to this movement of nurture and receive the nurture to empower you to live the life of your dreams…

I believe that we can make it through anything as long as there is another beating heart and that our growth skyrockets in communities of resonant hearts. As a Jungian psychotherapist specializing in trauma, I am inspired daily by the resiliency of the human spirit to transform the broken places into abundant wholeness. As an ARTbundance Coach and Practitioner, I love sharing  the amazing adventure of deepening connection to the creative process…

Some of the many ways to Get in on the ACT:

  • Soular Power Salon – a monthly teleseminar
  • Call to ACTion – the monthly museletter
  • Blue Moon Lodge – individual and group coaching
  • Open Heart U – mastermind program


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