Be Abundance


Occupying the Abundance of Infinite Love and Gratitude

In this magical Year of the Water Dragon, a year of changing consciousness, a year to breakthrough and to break in, a year to stretch and open more deeply to the mystery of emergence, i am fully occupying the abundance of infinite love and gratitude where i’m luxuriating in each and every sacred and profane moment and i invite you to join me in this sacred creative quest, this great work of Abundance Created Together (ACT).

Let’s begin by coming together and virtually holding hands feeling the abundance pulsing through each one of us and enlivening us all. Let’s celebrate this abundance of infinite love and gratitude flowing in, through, around and from us and in so doing we raise our personal, collective and multiversal vibration to love or above exponentially.

Now, join me in taking a couple of deep cleansing breaths as we dive more deeply into this ocean of abundance that we are, where we have everything that we need, where we live in ease. Breathing in deeply, visualize this sparkling ocean of abundance that is our home, our very essence. Breathing deeply, fully occupy this space of ease, of having it all….

Continuing to breathe deeply into this ocean of abundance that is you, realize, I am here right where I’m supposed to be with everything I need. Breathe in the gratitude you feel for this abundance…. Breathe out the love you feel for this abundance….

Breathing deeply into the abundance, realize, I love being right here where I have everything I need and SMILE which is to Start MInternal Love Engine.

Continue to deeply breathe in and occupy this abundance that you are and this gratitude that you feel. Breathe out and share the abundance that is you and the love that you feel….

Breathing deeply into the abundance, re – member the gifts gracing your life…. friends, family, pets, wind ocean, stars, dreams, hopes, being alive, smiles, hugs, laughter and on and on…. Drink deeply from and dwell freely in this ocean of abundance….

Breathing deeply into this abundance, re – member the love that abounds…. your love for self, friends, family, beauty, truth, justice, inspiration, earth, sky, water, wind and on and on….

Breathe deeply into the abundance that is always right here….
Thank deeply the abundance that is always here….
Love deeply the abundance that is here connecting us to the oneness that we are with all things….

Infinite Love and Gratitude
Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo


12 thoughts on “Be Abundance

  1. This is so cool! I love the SMILE acronym-Start My Internal love Engine-that is great! But how do you get a website where there is the reply component? i have a Contact Us page, but it is private, and I would like to have this interactive participation-beautiful. i thought i was very colorful and creative, but I do not hold a candle to a lot I am seeing. I realize i am too heady for the clientele I am trying to reach…..Cheers!

    • Thank you so much! This is a site. Sarah, i’m feeling we’re going to create abundance together and i’d love for you to sign up for the museletter and teleminar opt ins. Also, would love to talk by phone/email as well. To collaboration!

  2. Hey Jo,
    I know I read this the other day. Now I am signed up. Thanks for the nudge. What a good lesson. I love the creativity vortex and the SMILE. and all the rest. There is lots of fun in watching you blossom! And get to be part of the garden with you.

    • Mucho Mahalo and i love, love, love sharing garden space and any and all space with you!

      Infinite Love and Gratitude,

    • Mucho Mahalo, Amy – i’m baby stepping and it will be a place to for everyone to share their great work – looking so forward to featuring yours!

  3. Love love love this. I have missed your beautiful meditations and your giggle. I can’t wait to see your museletter and at some point participate in more here. You have truly whispered deep in my heart. Gypsy Jo is growing like a weed and sends a contented purr (wink).

    • Hey, hey Paula,
      I’ve missed you as well and do you Know i did a 21 Day Journey on Abundant Love which is a meditation a day?
      HERE’S HOW TO JOIN 21 Days of Abundant Love.
      1. Join the Transformation Circles community: (It’s free to join and your membership is approved within 24 hours)
      2. Once your membership has been approved, l…See More
      Hugs to godchild!

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