Abundance Created Together (ACT) Encourages Generosity

We can learn much from the Native American tradition of the potlatch. It is a tradition that values generosity above all else, and a potlatch, which is a very grand ceremony, is an exercise in giving away material possessions, food, and money. It is not uncommon for the host of a potlatch to give away so much of her own resources to her guests that she ends up with nothing. However, she can regain her wealth by attending potlatches at which she is a guest. In this way, a potlatch validates generosity and encourages the flow of resources in a community, while at the same time continually reaffirming the importance of community ties.

When we are held in a web of trust and connection, we can give generously, knowing that when it is our turn we will be supported. In this way, our whole sense of ownership becomes less individualistic and more communal. Resources are in an acceptable state of flux, moving within the community through the vehicle of the potlatch, which serves the additional function of strengthening community ties. This seems clearly preferable to isolating ourselves from one another and hoarding our resources.

Here we can find ways in our own lives to create a community in which a flow of resources happens in this way, in which we support one another to be generous. We might begin by celebrating our own type of potlatch, having a dinner party and giving each guest an object that is dear to us. Or we could give everyone a little bit of money in an envelope to spend on themselves just for fun. Someone might get inspired to throw their own potlatch, and before we know it we might have a tradition that supports and validates generosity even as it creates a safety net for leaner times. In the most profound sense, that is what a community, a tribe, and family do best.

Jo Beall lives in the Blissness Blue Moon Lodge and loves being a Certified ARTbundance™ Coach/Practitioner and working with people who are eager to use creativity to transform their lives and live more fully and wildly. Sharing this amazing adventure with people who choose the creative process and are open to this sometimes confounding, sometimes exhilarating, and everything in between path that leads deeper and deeper into our inner and outer wisdom inspires Jo…

Jo has practiced as a Jungian psychotherapist with a trauma specialty for many, many years. With the onset of a health crisis a few years ago, her life has totally transformed – you can teach an old dog new tricks! Jo looks forward to accompanying you on a deep sea adventure into the ocean of your being and encouraging and emboldening you to be full of (fully) your true self…

 N Flo Jo