Get in on the ACT!
Join in this movement of Abundance Created Together and in the cross-fertilization in this community of abundant hearts, raise your personal and our collective abundance vibration while deepening your connection to the heart.

HEARTbundance Coaching
Individual, group and mastermind transformational coaching to empower your most abundant being. Gather in the sacred space of the Blue Moon Lodge and Open Heart U to explore the timeless wisdom of the Heartbundant Medicine Wheel Path.

SOULar Power Salon
Monthly Teleseminar featuring a luminous cast of radiant heartpreneurs sharing and dialoging about  their inspirational stories.

Call to ACTion
Monthly Museletter designed to raise your abundance vibration.


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  1. Aloha Jo,
    I should start out with an apology for not following up on an email back in February. When you are birthing something the universe sometimes take longer than we want.
    You express an interest in ‘Intention Radio’ through Isis Wilkison and Manny Bombardier. I have the missing link to your follow-up. Tjhank you for bearing with me. I can only hope that your interest is still present and I would like to chat with you about the future of all.
    Highest Blessings

    • Aloha David,

      I’m so happy to hear from you and loved hearing you yesterday on the beautiful Intention Call. Look forward to talking soon.
      My heart smiles with yours as we walk this spirit path,


  2. GOOD MORNING SISTER,,,LOVE PEACE…..I Love your swirling vortex. did you create it? I am not very good on computer. do you have a email or is this the best way to talk? I also have a ???? about our Merkabas. how do we keep the energy flowing strong. I know through our still a little confused. InLakesh Doe 541-942-5190

    • My heart smiles with yours as we walk this spirit path dear, dear sister! Love breathing through our one heart connecting us in our seamless web to all that is…

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